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5 Tips For Using Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

5 Tips For Using Anti Hair Loss Shampoo


Hair loss is one of the most common problems experienced by men and women all over the world. It can be due to a number of reasons like malnutrition, extreme diets, use of wrong shampoo, daily hair care routine, physical and mental stress as well as hereditary or genetic reasons. Though you can stop or control hair loss by using various methods including change in your lifestyle and eating habits as well as taking care of your hair in routine. Using the right anti hair loss shampoo can also be the right way to control or stop this problem effectively.

Before discussing the tips to use anti hair fall shampoo you should know the potential reasons of losing hair. The effect of these reasons can vary with every individual. In some cases it can be caused due to some external reasons like lack of nutrition, hereditary or a medical condition of serious nature etc. But in some cases it can be due to internal reasons like hormonal changes as well as mental and physical stress, etc. 

Causes of hair loss 

1.Hormonal changes: The sensitivity of the hair follicles can increase due to hormonal change in the human body. These changes can cause hair fall due to weakening of the roots of the hair. These hormonal changes can occur due to cyst in ovary, menopause, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism etc.

2.Hereditary effect: You are likely to have hair fall problem if your parents have this problem. The hair fall due to hereditary reasons is known as Alopecia. This inherited hair loss is faced by both genders, men and women both. Alopecia can be of various types like traction alopecia and androgenic alopecia etc.

3.Mental and physical stress: Your body can get exhausted and dehydrated due to excessive weight loss, extreme physical labor and continuous illness etc. Your hair follicles can become weak and undernourished due to these physical and mental stresses which can ultimately cause hair fall. So to stop hair fall you should use anti hair loss shampoo along with reducing your stress to a considerable level.

4.During pregnancy: During and post pregnancy most women frequently experience hormonal imbalance, dehydration and fatigue which can make hair follicles more sensitive as well as unfavorable for scalp. Most women experience hair fall of chronic nature due to all of these reasons.

5.Infection in scalp: Various types of infections in scalp like bacterial, viral or fungal infections can damage the hair follicles and weaken the roots of the hair which can ultimately cause thinning of hair, hair fall and hair breakage.

6.Autoimmune disorder: Alopecia areata is a disorder that occurs automatically in the immune system in which hair follicles are attacked by foreign contaminants to cause loss of hair. This condition of hair loss is incurable.

Treatments and medication: Certain surgeries and treatments used for treating certain medical conditions can also cause rapid hair loss due to their side effects. Steroids, chemotherapy as well as medication for heart diseases, depression, and typhoid, etc. are some of the treatments that may cause hair fall of extreme nature.

Tips to use anti hair loss shampoo

While using anti hair fall shampoo to stop or reduce hair loss you will have to follow some careful tips like:

1.Choose the right shampoo

While choosing an anti hair loss shampoo to stop your hair fall problem you should choose one which does not contain harmful chemicals. Along with using the right shampoo you should also use a quality conditioner so that it can be retained in the hair for some time to keep them hydrated and provide nourishment for a long time. Moreover you should not use many products at a time as over treatment can also weaken your hair follicles.

2.Use shampoo carefully

You can prevent hair fall by using an anti hair fall shampoo and conditioner regularly and carefully. The shampoo you use for this purpose should also include a nourishing formula so that along with cleaning your hair and scalp it can also nourish your scalp. The conditioner used after shampooing the hair will also make your hair healthy and soft by locking moisture in them for a long time. It will also keep the length and tips of your hair healthy. It will provide you smooth hair throughout the day by washing out the shampoo completely.

3.Focus on your daily routine of shampoo

You should use a quality anti hair loss shampoo in daily routine to oil the scalp easily. But you should follow the right procedure while shampooing your hair instead of making haste. Before applying shampoo you should use warm water to wet your hair thoroughly. Then you should take the right amount of shampoo on your palm and rub to make a rich foam to put on to your hair.


After putting the shampoo on your hair you should massage it with the help of your fingertips to create more foam. This foam will remove the dirt on hair follicles and hair more easily. This massage will not only give you smooth hair follicles and refreshing hair but also improve blood circulation in your scalp along with normalizing its metabolism.

5.Avoid using shampoo on scalp

You should not use shampoo directly to the scalp as it will not be easy to rinse shampoo from it.  

Normally is it advised to shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week by using water at 40 degree C temperature. However you can set your routine depending upon the extent of your hair loss. Moreover you should wash the shampoo completely out of your hair and allow the hair to dry in air to avoid any other problems.

Where to get anti hair loss shampoo?

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