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7 Natural Remedies to Combat Hair Loss

by:VOJO     2020-07-08
The most common type of hair loss is due to hereditary as it is inherited from your parents. The hair falls due the effect of hormones with the blood on the hair follicle, which makes it very weak, resulting in hair loss. The new hair also fails to come out as the blood supply is cut off from the scalp. If you are experiencing hair loss or thinning, you can try one of the many available natural remedies. Before you spend a lot of money on expensive creams or medications, try herbal treatments coupled with a few dietary changes. 1. While there are many natural baldness prevention methods, herbs are also used for this purpose. Saw palmetto is very popular as a herbal remedy for baldness, but there are some speculations about the side effects of saw palmetto. 2. Aloe vera is a great scalp conditioner but does not necessarily promote hair growth. It is important to maintain a healthy scalp to encourage hair growth, so after shampooing massage a liberal amount of aloe vera gel directly onto your scalp and rinse. You can optimize the conditioning by using fresh aloe from a household plant, but prepackaged gel works if you do not have an aloe plant. The combination of rosemary and sage is also a great herbal mixture for your scalp. Mix one part rosemary and one part sage in a large pot of boiling water. If you can find a nettle plant, try to add a bit of nettle as well. Boil until the water becomes dark, and strain the liquid into a glass jar. Add a very small amount of castile soap to make a shampoo. 3. Healthy nutrition is also important for healthy hair growth. When you have inadequate iron and vitamins in your body, you will experience hair loss. Researchers have confirmed that lack of Vitamin B12 causes hair loss. 4. onion juice seems to help in hair growth. Yea, can you believe that? Who would have thought of rubbing onion juice on their head. Anyway, 17 out of 23 subjects in the study who used onion juice experienced hair regrowth in 4 weeks. At 6 weeks, 20 people had hair regrowth. No one mentioned about the smell though. I guess if you don't mind it, you can give it a try. Do it twice daily. 5. Even some drugs, like, finasteride and minoxidil are prescribed as a cure for baldness and these medicines are found to be slightly effective for male baldness prevention. 6. Also consider taking vitamin C and E supplements in addition to increasing your intake of foods that are naturally high in the vitamins. Vitamin C is contained in most fruits, and you can increase your vitamin E intake by adding avocado and olive oil to your diet. You should still take in vitamin A, but make sure that your intake is not excessive as high amounts of vitamin A have been linked to hair loss. 7. Herbal ingredients are known to increase the circulation of blood and hormonal functioning, and block the DHT. They also strengthen the follicles which produces stronger hair. You can try a mixture of hair oil with lime, paste from lime seeds and black pepper seeds, castor oil, etc.
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