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A Hairdresser's Solution to Hair Loss

by:VOJO     2020-07-21
There are many reasons for hair loss. But for a hairdresser, there is no need to go through any procedure if all you want is an instant fix to the problem. Regardless if you're a male or a female, you can always go to your favorite salon and ask the experts there how you can possibly improve the way that you look.
Their solution doesn't start with the recommendation of the best hair growth shampoo in the market. Instead, they would give you a nice haircut that would make your mane look thicker. This is most ideal for those whose hair fall issues are just starting out. They would benefit most from a short haircut as wearing those tresses long despite their hair loss condition would only make it look thinner. It is a sure-fire way to worsen the way that you look.
Salon experts would also recommend that you use matte products on your hair if you have to. The use of gels is discouraged because they make the hair look shiny. Shiny hair highlights the fact that your locks are thinning out. Matte treatments, on the other hand, make it look plentiful. Choose products that would make your hair look dull but healthy over the ones that make it look lush and shiny.
Also, there are certain hair sprays that can literally fill up the bald spots in your head. Such sprays spew thousands of synthetic hair fibers on your head. And they are supposed to stay there up until your next wash. On the other hand, there are special salon products that they call scalp make-up. They would make your head look full instead of baldy.
All of these, coupled with the regular use of a very effective hair loss shampoo, would ensure you that your mane looks its best. No bald spots would be particularly noticeable on you if you use one or two of these instant hair loss solutions.
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