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Alopecia Aerata On Children: An Uncommon Hair Loss Issue

by:VOJO     2020-08-02
Do you know that children can suffer from alopecia too? Alopecia is the disease more commonly characterized by a bald spot found anywhere on the head, although hair loss may be evident all over the body. The condition is most common in males than females, although it is usually observed on adults. Bald spots or male pattern baldness occurs when a person reaches his or her middle years. When it affects children under 10 years old, that's when the condition becomes rather strange.
It is quite unlikely for a child to suffer from alopecia but it can happen. It is possible for the disease to show a little too early if the patient has a family history of it. There are a lot of other factors that could trigger the disease and possibly make it worse. With children, it may be because of the medicines that they take to cure other diseases or conditions. Certain drugs may bring about alopecia aerata as a side effect.
It also follows that if the patient has a history of psychological issues like depression, anxiety, or attention deficit disorder and he is taking medicines for it, then they could be the ones causing the hair loss issue. The same types of patients are also prone to pulling their hair to the extent that bald spots occur in the area by force.
Some physical and medical inspection has to be carried out for children with such a condition. After which, doctors would almost always know what could have caused the disease. After a series of tests, he would be able to prescribe the right medicines so that the condition can be reversed in no time.
In some cases, doctors would simply recommend the use of the best hair loss shampoo in the market. For hair loss issues that are not necessarily caused by an intense medical condition, these products would work best. And in the cases wherein the patient is a child, the most natural hair growth shampoo is highly recommended. The ingredients used in these products are usually mild to the hair and scalp while making sure that they work ideally on a child.
The best hair growth shampoo in the market would effectively restore the lost hair and wipe away bald spots in no time. Ideally, it should work within the first few weeks of continued use. That is how you can gauge how good the product really is.
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