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Anti Aging Tips - Products and Ingredients You

by:VOJO     2020-07-03
Chronological age is inevitable, but physical age rests on many factors. For efficient age management, one should know which products help the body and which ones age. Any product that leads to discolored teeth, dryness, dull-looking eyes and other indications of age should be avoided. Moisturizer Although moisturizer can be good, too much causes the body's dependency upon it. In turn, the skin is naturally less hydrated and will suffer wrinkles more quickly. Use moisturizer at night in sparing amounts, unless skin is naturally oily, when the night air is more humid. This replenishes the skin without the need of wearing a moisturizer the entire day. Rubbing Alcohol Although excellent at cleansing dirt and oil from the face, it is far too harsh for the skin itself. Even those with super oily skin will suffer problems with rubbing alcohol. Sebum is produced within each pore and while the alcohol combats sebum, it greatly affects the skin in between each pore. Using witch hazel will gently remove oil and dirt without over-drying skin. It is also excellent for correcting red blotches. Using rubbing alcohol breaks down the skin's hydration, causing wrinkles and greater amounts of acne. In general, avoid any skin product that contains alcohol. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate This substance is placed in virtually everything-shampoos, soaps, conditioners, other hair products and even toothpaste at times. It is responsible for causing one's shampoo to lather up. On appearance, it doesn't seem so harmful, but it is incredibly drying for the scalp and hair. It can cause extensive hair damage, hair loss and dandruff, amongst other causes. Its lather is misleading; hair can be cleansed, and far better, by shampoos that do not contain this ingredient. Fluoride Fluoride is another misleading substance. It is found within nearly every toothpaste, and sadly, most drinking water supplies. Fluoride can stain teeth-usually if consumed or used before the age of 13. Fluoride can actually cause weakened bones such that they become brittle leading to premature osteoporosis. Try using toothpaste that does not have fluoride. Teeth may become whiter and stronger. This depends on the individual, how long fluoride was used and other factors. Eye Drops Eye drops seem to help the eyes and they can temporarily. The issue with eye drops is that when they are used extensively, the eyes become dependent upon them to keep moisturized, as skin does with moisturizer. Use eye drops sparingly and reserve to special needs, such as allergies or to flush the eyes out. Natural moisture in the eyes will make them brighter than with the daily use of eye drops. Avoidance of these products and others can help to prevent the furtherance in premature aging. It is up to the individual to do research. Not everything packaged in a shiny bottle is glitter and gold.
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