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Discover The Automated Hair Loss Solution

by:VOJO     2020-07-31
For people who are getting depressed with their hair loss condition, there is yet another way to address the problem. And today's modern technology is stepping in at that. With the introduction of the new hair grafting system, the whole procedure becomes automated. This can only mean lesser instances of human errors when it comes to making your hair grow back to life.
In this procedure, the donor hairs are sucked out with the use of a pneumatic device. One to four healthy hair follicles are transplanted from the donor area into the balding area automatically. The pneumatic system used in the procedure capitalizes on the reverse airflow technology. Such a system also helps the hair grow healthily on its own after the transplant. However, it may still take six months or so before noticeable results are seen.
Grafting is described as a minimally invasive method although it has to be performed inside a clinic. Slight discomfort and pain can be expected as well. However, the new automated procedure is much better than the traditional grafting or hair transplant method that requires the use of a scalpel to make sutures and incisions on the scalp.
However, even with this new method the general cost of hair transplant failed to go down. In fact, the automation process somewhat increased the total package price. If for instance, you need 2,000 grafts, the cost of the procedure done on you would be around $16,000. You'll also spend eight hours or more inside the clinic to complete the procedure. When you compare the older method to the newer standard of hair grafting, the latter is better because it eliminates the need for surgery.
If on the other hand you can't afford a transplant, you can always go back to the basics - an effective hair loss shampoo. A hair growth shampoo costs a mere $12 bucks when bought in bulk. It is indeed the better alternative to the costly clinical procedures for hair loss.
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