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Does Breastfeeding Cause Hair Loss?

by:VOJO     2020-07-20
Women who have recently given birth might have heard about the proposition that breastfeeding would eventually get them bald. This is just a myth. It isn't true that if you breastfeed your child, the nutrient count in your body goes down and your hair will show the signs of it. It also isn't true that breastfeeding disrupts the normal cycle of your hair.
What is true is the fact that your current hair loss issues did stem out of pregnancy and childbirth. For some women, the hormonal changes that they have sustained throughout the 9-month period are so immense that hair loss has occurred. This is one of the reasons why pregnant mothers tend to see more hair caught in their brush now than in the past few months.
And that's not the end of it. Once they have given birth, more quantities of hair are expected to fall. This incidence is directly related to the body's natural response to the trauma that it went through during child birth. Everybody knows how stressful giving birth to a child in the natural way can be. The hair, of all body parts, is the one most affected by it. But what's so good about the whole thing is the fact that everything is only temporary. Your hair loss issues would eventually fade out and that's something that you can definitely look forward to.
So regardless if you're breastfeeding or not, hair loss would eventually commence. This is one of your body's reactions to the changes that it has gone through, both hormonal and physical. The hair loss phase is expected to stay for five months or more. On the other hand, the hair follicles are projected to have been fully recovered from the trauma after a year and a quarter.
If hair thinning is bothering you, it is highly suggested that you seek medical help. There are hair experts who can help you immensely with your problem. They would say if the best hair loss shampoo in the market is good enough on you. Otherwise, they would just advise you to wait until your hair goes back to its normal growth cycle. Proper counseling would definitely help a lot.
Doctors recommending the use of the best hair growth shampoo are the ones who understand the need of women to do something about the hair that they have lost. Women are naturally vain. And losing hair is definitely not feeling beautiful. The concerns about hair loss can be addressed by giving women the right choices and the most effective options that would help them recover in no time.
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