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Does Wearing A Hat Cause Hair Loss?

by:VOJO     2020-07-23
They say that if you wear a hat too much, you will eventually develop bald spots. The question now is, is this fact or fiction? Will wearing a hat everyday cause your hair to thin out? It is high time that this issue gets straightened out.
In all reality, there is no evidence - clinical or otherwise - that shows wearing a hat or a cap on a regular basis would trigger hair loss. Many men who are fond of wearing baseball caps would be happy to know this. However, it is also a fact that hats may cause hair damage. And it is rather true that certain damages caused to the hair may trigger such a condition.
Hats may also cut proper blood circulation on the head but only on a minimal basis. Actually, hats should be really tight before this becomes the case. Yet, the lack of air flow through your head somehow causes the hair to be soaked in sweat. The result is not so good, especially if there are dirt and dead skin cells present on the scalp as well. The effect will be clogged pores, causing the hair follicles to suffer.
When hair follicles suffer, things like hair loss may be induced. While this isn't always the direct result of such an incidence, having unhealthy hair follicles are not actually conducive to a full lock of hair. To reverse the condition, the use of the best hair loss shampoo maybe in order. Such a shampoo stimulates the follicles, thus decreasing the possibility of sensitivity.
The thing is, if you're wearing hats, you might have to stock a bottle of two of the best hair growth shampoo in your bathroom locker. This way, you can immediately cleanse your hair and invigorate your scalp so no hair loss problems would occur now or in the future.
While there is no direct evidence that wearing a hat can trigger the loss of hair, this doesn't mean that you should neglect the proper grooming of hair altogether. More so, the myth associated to hats and hair loss may be due to the fact that the men who use hats are usually the ones with scalp problems. The thing is, you can wear hat everyday and never have to worry about hair loss for as long as you know the grooming regimens that go with hat wearing. Hair loss is mostly connected to bad genes, poor nutrition, and unhealthy lifestyle more than anything.
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