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Dog Birthday Gifts Show You Care

by:VOJO     2020-06-21
There are people who treat their dogs like a child. This is why it's important to remember their pet's birthday because it will show your friend or family member how much you care for them. Maybe you are the one looking for dog birthday gifts, so you can give your pooch something special on their birthday. There are places where these gift ideas are available, and the best place is to look online. Choose a Gift that Benefits the Dog and Owner When looking at dog birthday gifts, select an item that benefits the pooch and the owner. Maybe your friend just added a furry friend to their home, so you should commemorate the first birthday by giving pampering items or essentials. This is a good time to customize the gift by adding the dog's image or name for a very special touch. Give a Dog Bath Set One item a pet and owner will love is a luxurious bath set. Add a plush bath towel embroidered with a bone or whimsical angel design or the doggie's name. Then select a biodegradable, natural and animal cruelty-free shampoo that conditions, cleans and deodorizes the fur with one easy step. There shouldn't be any dyes or harsh chemicals included in the shampoo's ingredients. Then complete the gift basket with a few whimsical bows or a high-quality dog brush. Consider a Fleece Dog Bed Any furry friend will enjoy a new soft and warm dog bed. Maybe the pet is being welcomed to the loved one's home or a new bed is needed. Make sure to select a bagel-shaped bed that is lined with comfortable fleece. It's important to purchase a bed that is water and odor-resistant. The cover should be machine-washable and removable. Then customize the dog birthday gifts by making sure it showcases the owner's favorite color. The outside of the dog bed can be embroidered with the pet's name. Give Personalized Dog Bowls Another thoughtful gift is personalized ceramic bowls that complement both the pet and the recipient's kitchen. These items can be stylish and artistic. However, the bowl needs to fit the pooch's size. For extra convenience, the bowl should be dishwasher and microwave-safe. It should also use food-safe, lead-free glazes. To make the dog birthday gifts more fun, select a water and food bowl set that displays bone or paw print designs, along with the pet's name. Then make sure to add a container of gourmet dog treats. Finding a Birthday Present Sometimes a dog present is the best gift for someone who has everything. The birthday basket can include everything from freeze dried ice cream and pooch party cake to cookies, treats, and biscuits. Some people will add other goodies and birthday balloons. More importantly, the recipient will appreciate the thought and effort taken to put together a wonderful gift for their puppy. Dog birthday gifts should be given to your own dog or to a friend who loves to pamper their pet. The recipient will appreciate the thoughtfulness!
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