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Exotic Time Club Chandigarh Beauty Tips

by:VOJO     2020-06-20
It is rightly said that everybody in this world wants to look good; 'Beauty is such a special thing which gives an additional benefit to the appearance to the personality' ( Exotic Time Club). Young, old, girl or boy try various cosmetic products to look presentable in front of others. From the trend in past it's observed that females of any age take lots of care for their skin. But this trend is also shifting towards male section. There are always two preventive measures for skin beauty that are; 1- natural way and 2- cosmetic way. Both of them have their advantages. Starting from natural way one should always have proper sleep as that stops wrinkle to develop on your face and helps to look fresh and the main life dependency that is 'water' , always drink excessive water as it makes you fairer, always drink at least 9 glass of water in a day. Then comes application of material on the faces, one should use honey as best anti agent which helps the skin to exfoliate the dirt and help it to maintain, one has to be careful choosing honey. After that one can use curd as it helps to stop tanning on the skin. Papaya is also one of the most useful fruit which helps to maintain skin. Then comes the mixture of cucumber and honey as cucumber is a natural toner and helps to maintain elasticity and honey helps to moisturize the skin. After all this one should use lemon and tomato on skin to remove dirt and maintain it. Potato and tomato should also be used as it helps to clear the skin and to purify the blood. Turmeric is also best way to glow the skin and to relax the skin. One can also visit a parlour once in a while to get the hair and skin properly treated from a beautician/professional. But one should remember that only reputed parlours give quality treatments and use good quality products. One can also opt for the membership of Exotic Time Club, where one can avail free beauty and hair treatments. Exotic time club send its customers only to reputed parlours of the city. For memberships, one can log on to or visit Exotic time Club Chandigarh. Now comes cosmetic way, while using cosmetic one should be careful and use the product ensured by the experts. One can use trustful brands like Garnier, L'Oreal Paris, wella and others. For females nail polish and lipstick should be used normally as per the situation. For bleach one should not become harsh and should not be addicted. For people using facial should always use it 2 or 3 times in a month and not to be too much used to it, then steam bath I also one of the best way to remove the dirt. People preferring makeup should be careful using them and face should be washed properly afterwards. Acidic shop should be avoided. Now moving on to hair section one must minimise use of gel and not to do much for hair style. One can use rebounding to set hair. Hair conditioner should be best and proper hair wash should be done. At last colouring the hair should be done selectively as per the style and good quality colour should be used. One can also use egg to wash their hair which will make hair silky naturally, and avoiding shampoo by using egg is a good option and excessive use of shampoo is also not good. At last if most of the cosmetics are not giving proper result then one should reduce using them as no body can control over natural beauty. For more information one can visit Exotic Time Club Website.
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