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Great Dane a Perfect Family And Guard Dog

by:VOJO     2020-06-17
Great Danes are very special dogs with their special features and having a Great Dane as a part of your life is really a nice experience. Great Danes are very noble, loving, friendly and playful giant dogs. So they are generally known as gentle giants. They are very devoted to their owners, especially children's. Depending upon gender, their height varies from 28-30 inches and weighs approx 100-200 lbs. Great Dane has long narrow and narrow head with dark eyes. It has long, pointed and erect ears. Its coat is shiny with thick hairs. Great Danes have different coat colors like black, brindle and they often have white coat color with irregular black markings. But the most popular is black color. Great Dane is very affectionate, patient and protective dog. They are very attached with their family and especially with their owner. It is suggested to give early training on a daily basis as these are very giant dogs and if trained from childhood it will be good for the owner in making a healthy relation with the dog. Apart from training Great Dane requires regular grooming at an early age. They are average shedder that's why frequent bathing is not required, daily brushing with a firm brush is enough to keep the fur clean. You can also use dry shampoo or natural oils while brushing and bath them thrice a month during summer season and once a month during winter season. There is a medical aspect which has to be considered regularly for keeping your Dane free from contagious diseases. You should go for yearly vet checkups to keep your dog in healthy condition. Proper vaccination is required against certain illness that may lead to high health risks. You should beware of certain symptoms of diseases like canine distemper, Leptospirosis, parvovirus, Rabies, etc. Great Danes are good guard dogs and watch dogs and lives as your family member and if taken care properly they are the best as pet dogs. Make sure to choose from a reputed breeder since it is going to stay with you for life time and therefore it's also important to take care of as well.
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