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Hair Extensions: A Solution To Hair Loss?

by:VOJO     2020-08-05
There is a very popular salon offering today called hair extensions. In this procedure, artificial hair is used to extend or add length to a person's mane. The process is mostly requested by females and is commonly being used to conceal baldness or thinning on certain parts of the head. In this method, commercial hair - the same ones used as wigs - are attached to one's natural locks to achieve the effect.
When compared to wigs, hair extensions feel more natural. You don't have to worry about itchy or sticky scalp because they don't cover your head like wigs do. A special bonding solution is used so that the artificial strands fasten to your natural tresses better.
The material used for such a procedure is usually synthetic fiber and they come in different textures and colors as well. Synthetic is more preferable as it is way cheaper than using human hair strands. However, while they provide an almost instant solution to hair loss patients, recipients have very limited options when it comes to styling their newly extended tresses. They can't iron or curl their mane as the appearance of the extensions would deteriorate greatly.
There are different methods of attaching artificial hair to one's natural tresses and each method may cost several hundred dollars per bulk of hair. You can assume that this is not going to be a cheap procedure so you better brace yourself for some real spending. But if you simply use a hair growth shampoo to reverse balding, you don't have to worry about spending too much. A hair loss shampoo costs $30 per bottle and even lower when bought in bulk. If you think about it, the solution as provided by a shampoo is way better than what hair extensions can give. Extensions offer but a temporary solution. A hair growth shampoo, on the other hand, can give you that natural look permanently.
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