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Hair Loss And Cancer: A Never Ending Battle

by:VOJO     2020-07-21
If you have cancer, then it is almost a given that hair loss will eventually happen to you. While there are certain tools, drugs, and research that all claim that they can reduce the risk of hair loss or alopecia, cancer sufferers usually end up just hoping for the best. Cancer and hair loss go hand in hand and that's the bitter fact of it.
If you have cancer, doctors would recommend drugs that would help treat your condition but they may some negative effects on the growth of your hair. In a patient's point of view, it is like figuring in a battle wherein you'll eventually lose whatever the result maybe. The sickness could take your life away literally - or it could take away your lifestyle. Indeed, having cancer is a life-shattering realization.
Chemotherapy alone has a strong effect on the hair follicles. When the drugs used in the radiation therapy gets to your scalp, they would cause the hair follicles to die and the strands to fall out. This means that it would take time to grow back your lost hair or worse, the condition may just become permanent. This is what happens when the effect of the drug becomes irreversible.
However, there is a faint light at the end of the tunnel. Unless you have developed alopecia after the series of rigid cancer treatments, you can grow back the hair you've lost naturally - all without the use of the best hair loss shampoo in the market. Your doctor would know if you need one anyway. He would assess your condition and try to recommend a product for you, although his primary concern would be for you to recover well from the life-threatening disease that almost engulfed you.
The use of the best hair growth shampoo is not really recommended for cancer patients, although this is usually the call of your doctor. Unless he is totally sure that you are cancer-free, you are not allowed to try any other treatments or therapies that may interfere with the drugs that you are currently taking. The way your doctor would handle the situation is very crucial.
Total and permanent hair loss is a major condition that nobody wants to experience. If it would happen on you, you will surely try countless of ways to possibly reverse the condition and grow your hair back. Going out of the door without a full lock of hair is not really an exciting idea. Much more if you are to look at the mirror everyday only to be reminded of the frightening battle with cancer that you've just been through.
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