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Healthy Methods That Will Prevent Hair Shedding

by:VOJO     2020-06-09
And occasionally, the panicked things that we do to stop or slow the hair loss can make the matter even more difficult. So, it seems sensible to circumvent the shedding (or it's recurrence) to begin with. This article will give you tips to help you do just that. Find out Your Trigger And Fix It: Often, shedding is due to some trigger or some change that occurs within your body. Some common ones are beginning or stopping medicines, hormonal changes, scalp or dermatological issues, DHT or excess androgens, or inflammation. If you can work out which of those was the culprit and can correct it once and for all, then the loss ought to be prevented (or otherwise slowed) in the future. Avoid Any Fixes That Alter Your Hormones Unless It's Essential And You've Tried Other Alternatives: Women who are prone to TE in many cases are hormonally delicate. However, many of the 'fixes' or 'cures' for shedding and hair loss involve using supplements, herbs, and medicines which could affect your sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc.) Examples are saw palmetto, Spiro, raw thyroid, raw adrenals, etc. Many people will just throw these things at the problem without having to be within doctor's care, hoping they happen upon a remedy through trial and error. The challenge with this is that if you are hormonally vulnerable, changing your hormones might start a new round of TE or shedding and so you're worse off than when you started. In case your doctor has discovered a deficiency or problem via blood work or testing, then by all means follow your doctor's guidance. However, I find that this isn't necessary with my readers. For me, it certainly is best to try the least invasive, least altering things first - and that's why I like inflammation reducers and regrowth stimulators that you put on your scalp rather than within your body, but I'm not referring to Rogaine and so on (which is way too full of alcohol and too irritating.) Give full attention to A wholesome Scalp And Thick Regrowth: Many people completely miss scalp issues as the reason for shedding but it is very common. Often, clogged or irritated hair follicles won't be properly nourished and deeply embedded enough. Eventually, the cycle will choke out and then extract the starving hair. Likewise, if you have these scalp issues, your regrowth will be compromised, making your hair look much more thin. Be very careful of shampoos that have irritating ingredients like SLS (sodium laurel sulfate). This ingredient is added only so the shampoo will make a lot of bubbles so that we'll be fooled into thinking that it works better. This harsh ingredient can also be utilized in household cleaners and it has no place on your scalp. There are plenty of good, natural, and gentle shampoos that actually work great. 100 % natural ingredients like tea tree oil and jojoba oil are natural anti inflammatories and they work great. Using apple cider vinegar is an excellent rinse to free your scalp and hair of build-up. The laser comb (in combination with some essential oils) is definitely a natural, non irritating method to bring on regrowth and help with shedding brought on by unhealthy follicles.
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