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How Does Hair Dye Shampoo Work?

How Does Hair Dye Shampoo Work?


Human beings around the world have been coloring their hair since the ancient period. It may also surprise you that they used pieces of stuff like vinegar, berries, nutshells, and lead to color their hair. The story of hair dye shampoo in modern salon has its roots in the history of chemicals that are used in today’s modern time.

In 1907, a French chemist name Eugene Schuller sold an artificial hair color formulation using PPD (Para-Phenylenediamine) which is a compound and used in today’s natural hair dye shampoo. Eugene’s company – The French Harmless Hair Dye Co.’ later became a famous brand which is L’Oréal. 

There are many companies out there that are manufacturing natural hair dye shampoo, anti-hair loss shampoo and other hair products. But, one manufacturing company that stands out because of its product quality and reputed name is what we will be discussing in this article. 

However, in order to utilize the full potential of hair dye shampoo you will need to understand a little bit about its nature and how does it actually work and dye your hair not to mention without damaging your hair. So without further ado, let us take a deep dive into the world of natural hair dye shampoo.

Understanding hair dye shampoo

The hair anatomy – Each strand of hair grows from a hair follicle (a complex organ completed with an arrector pili muscle). Now, this muscle is responsible is for secreting oil and giving goosebumps.

However, all of that lies beneath the surface of the skin. The visible part of the hair is called the hair shaft. (Above the scalp)

This shaft is covered by a layer of overlapping keratin cells which is called cuticle. The cuticle is responsible for protecting the inner layer of the hair. 

When you use a non-permanent hair dye shampoo, it gets coated over the cuticle and can fade away after a few washes. In order to make that color permanent, you need to pierce the cuticle and let the dye enter the inner part of the hair called cortex.

Cortex – It contains the pigment proteins called melanin which is responsible for giving your hair a natural color.

To successfully make it happen, some modern salons use hydrogen peroxide also known as the developer. A developer is a compound mixed with other chemical solutions such as ammonia, coupling compounds - couplers and primary intermediates. 

Ammonia - It has a pH level of over 11. When the solution has ammonia it causes the hair shaft to swell, due to this the keratin cell gets separated and allow the dye molecules to seep into the cortex.

Now, as the mixture of your hair dye shampoo contains those important compounds, it gets penetrated into the hair shaft. Developer (hydrogen peroxide) lightens the natural pigmentation and oxides the dye’s primary intermediate compounds.

Hair dye shampoo that contains a higher concentration of primary intermediates is responsible for turning the hair into a darker color. Whereas, for lighter hair color hair dye shampoo must have a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide or developer.

Here is a list of coupling compound for your convenience – 

1.Resorcinol – Greenish Yellow

2.m-Aminophenol – Light Brown

3.p-Amino-o-Cresol – Dark Red

4.p-Phenylenediamine – Dark Brown (Know More)

Dye companies usually mix and match couplers to achieve the intended tone and tint. Once the ammonia is washed out, the cells of the cuticle fall back in place and the dye molecules are locked in the cortex. Leaving you with permanent color in your hair.

The important thing that you have to keep in mind is that dyed hair are prone to dullness. This is because of free radical oxygens left behind the dying process which can degrade your pigmentation and also the hair cuticle. 

This is where a manufacturing company like VOJO comes into play to fight these problems by providing natural hair dye shampoo with antioxidants properties to protect your color, hair quality and maintain the shine.

Let us learn more about VOJO – 

About VOJO

UK VOJO GTOUP LTD. is a top-notch manufacturing company that provides anti-hair shampoo, personal care products, and excellent quality natural hair dye shampoo to its customers. VOJO has been working in this field for more than 10 years and have studied the material, trend, and demands of the people.

The experienced company has installed a very strong technical force and testing facilities that dedicate their entire time in enhancing the product’s quality and bring innovative ideas and products on the table.

VOJO provides an immense range of quality products and has a very clear motto – customer’s satisfaction is prior to their profit-making. And that is why to work as per their motto, the hair dye shampoo and other products are very cheaper in comparison to other manufacturers.

The old customers of VOJO are not the only one who praise their work, new customers from all over the world tries to build business relation with them to share mutual success. 

Here is an outline giving you an idea of why you should choose VOJO over other hair dye shampoo manufacturers.

Why Choose VOJO

1: VOJO uses OEM (Original equipment manufacturers) process that looks like this-

OEM – confirmed order – customer details & request – market survey – product configuration – patter – customer confirmed – final design – deposit – produce – balance – after sell service.

2: VOJO has qualified and assured products.

3: It has 10 research and development personnel in the factory which includes – engineers, chemist, marketer and product designer.

4: VOJO has GMPC standard labs, packaging workshops, and advanced production workshops.

5: Customer Services – One-stop service system

Final Words

So, looking for a hair dye shampoo that you can rely on? Just contact VOJO and give your hair a shine Call Now (+86 15302295975)

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