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How many VOJO chinese shampoo for hair growth are sold per year?
UK VOJO GROUP LTD chinese shampoo for hair growth has achieved good results in annual sales volume. With products that have great quality and word of mouth, plus affordable prices, our brand has always been sought after by consumers. The annual sales volume is just the appearance, strength is the source of VOJO's self-confidence.  

VOJO is a core enterprise of China in the industry of VOJO. we's hair colour shampoo series are created based on unremitting efforts. our company hair dye shampoo is of a unique design. It is come up by our designers choosing a silhouette and using new fabrics, new colors, fabric manipulation, etc. of garment construction. Its formulations are medically safe for long-term usage. Promoting the service with care and consideration is very essential for we. It does not contain any potentially toxic stuff.

We strive to promote our sustainability program by working together with our customers and suppliers and fostering a company-wide culture of sustainability.
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