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How Pregnancy Causes Hair Loss

by:VOJO     2020-07-22
Hair loss is a condition that a lot of people tend to suffer from. Men have to deal with male pattern baldness half of their life. As for women, they usually suffer massive hair loss every time they give birth. The condition referred to as telogen effluvium has a big effect on this. Telogen effluvium is simply the phase wherein one's hair is on the shedding stage. This usually comes and goes, never permanent. Know that the hair follows a certain cycle wherein it would grow and then eventually fall out. This is why shedding 100 strands a day is considered as normal.
However, women who have given birth recently tend to have longer hair shedding periods. This is because childbirth can be considered as a traumatic physical event that could disrupt the normal cycle of the hair. As a result, the woman's hair sheds more than usual after giving birth.
During pregnancy, a female's hair is in its growing phase. At such point, would-be mothers would feel that their mane is thicker than it was before. But when the day that she gives birth arrives, that is when all of her hair would seem to fall off. And that part of the cycle would continue for five months. It would take around 15 months for the follicles to recover from the trauma of childbirth. That's the time when the hair would grow normally again.
Generall speaking, telogen effluvium is a condition that still falls within the parameters of normal. It is self-corrective as well, which means treatment is not necessary. All one has to do is to wait up until her follicles go back to shape. However, if you feel that more of your hair is shedding than normal, you can consult with your doctor to find out what solution is best for you. He would then recommend the right treatment, after finding out that the condition is in no way caused by alopecia aerata, which is an autoimmune disease.
Usually, the use of the best hair growth shampoo is sufficient. However, it is quite important that you use it under the guidance of your doctor, especially if you have just given birth. In all other instances though, the use of the best hair loss shampoo is rather acceptable. It is popularly used to address male or female pattern baldness. The most effective shampoo to counter baldness is usually the one that is created out of natural ingredients. This way, you can stay clear of the possible side effects caused by the chemicals normally found in such products.
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