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How to Care for Damaged Hair?

by:VOJO     2020-06-02
Luscious and long tresses are the most important aspect of your physical appearance, one that can neither be controlled easily nor ignored when inappropriate. Lengthy and shiny locks are admired by most women from all ages and races; whether Indian or American. Even though the number of products for making your hair look breathtaking are numerous and incessantly increasing, and yet women have the most trouble controlling them. There is always one or other problem; either there is decreased volume or they are dull. These are only a few of the several problems faced by women while trying to get their hair to behave. Survey on hair: According to a survey 87% men think that hair is an important factor in evaluating the over-all appearance of a woman. Also frizzy, dried up with split ends are not socially acceptable, hence hair being the most conspicuous part of the body say a lot about a woman's habits, preferences and priorities. Helpful tips for hair care Protecting highlights: Staying under the sun for some time causes your highlights to become brash and unpleasant to look at. Whenever you have to go out during the day for work or to attend a beach party, make sure that you wear a hat that covers to prevent those expensive highlights from ruining. Keep looking fresh: While working out in a gym, your hair might get waves or tangles because of sweat and oil. To freshen up, all you have to do is apply some dry shampoo and conditioner. Taking a shower at night and then waking up in the morning can make your hair have kinks because of sweat; and to avoid looking like that for the rest of the day, just spray some water and brush them and you'll look like you've just gotten off the shower. Getting your hair trimmed: Cutting off the split ends, every four to six weeks, is necessary for the perfect look you want to go to the office. These ends ruin the style and make one look less than the best. Proper way of brushing: Excessive brushing results in loss of hair, especially brushing while they are wet. In the wet state they break off easily so it is better to wait for your hair to dry before straightening them out. Try not to dye hair: Dyes have toxic chemical compounds which are harmful and can cause hair to become dry and damaged. A lot of dyeing leads to loss and sometimes even bald patches. So, fancy brands with dangerous chemicals should be used as sparingly as possible. Shampoos and conditioners should be avoided: Shampoos and conditioners might make your look shiny and feel silky, but they have adverse effects when used long-term. However you can use dry hair shampoo and conditioner since it is recommended. They should be used as less as possible and it would be better if you use sulfate-free shampoo on those beautiful hairs. Also shampoos that have natural oils restore your hair to their original moist state.
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