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How to Get Glossy Hair Naturally

by:VOJO     2020-06-01
Everyone is dreaming of having shiny hair but getting one is not an easy thing. Most of the time you need to spend a lot of money just to get the right results you wanted. If you happen to have long hair then you need more time and even energy if you want to keep it healthy and shiny. If you want to get glossy hair naturally then make a good hair care routine. It is also essential to make a well balanced diet menu by including lot of biotin, vitamin E, vitamin A and Vitamin C rich food sources into it. Here are some tips on how to get glossy hair naturally without spending a ton of time and money. Shiny hair is a sign of someone that is healthy and in order for us to look healthy, we actually have to be healthy. Making sure you have a good diet is one of the best ways to keep your hair shiny. Make sure you eat plenty of omega-3 rich foods, such as tuna and salmon. Healthy hair requires a balanced source of iron in the body. Fish is a great natural source of iron. Some people complain that when they change shampoo, it works fine for several washes; then hair goes duller; it losses its shine.It is natural shiny hair care. Brush your hair using a natural bristled brush while dry. Avoid brushing on damp hair. Now, give your scalp an olive oil massage. Apply olive oil on your scalp and massage your scalp for a few minutes. Wrap your locks in a bun or if you want you can also use a shower cap. Leave it on for about two to three hours. Using too many styling products dulls the hair so stick to one or two necessary items. Gels and creams are ideal for normal hair whereas pomades are better for thick or coarse hair. Straightening and blow drying are fine as long as you religiously use a protective product. Keep hydrated (and this one works for your skin too!) Place tiny bowls of water on radiators in rooms in your home and workplace if possible. You can also add a few drops of essential oils to these to make them smell nice. Do not shampoo everyday. If you are just staying in your house and you do not spend much time outside you can leave your hair alone for some time from shampooing. Too much shampooing can strip off the natural oil of which in turn will make it brittle and dull. Drink lots of water every day. You should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day so you get the necessary hydration to your body and mane. Both internal hydration and external hydration are very important in keeping yourself healthy and your curls shiny. Conditioning is also imperative on how to get shiny hair tips. Deep condition your hair. This should be done once a week but if you love to put style products and even love to change the color of your hair then you should deep condition your it twice a week. There are no short-cuts to shiny hair. In fact, getting lovely and shiny hair entails a lot of hard work and dedication to maintain its beauty. Along with it, you also need to use the right hair products to help you achieve your dream of having shiny, lovely and gorgeous hair.
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