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How to Get Shiny Hair in 7 Steps?

by:VOJO     2020-06-01
Although some things, such as hair loss, can sometimes be out of our control. There are some simple hair care tips that can keep it looking shiny and healthy. Below we offer these 7 tips to get your hair shiny and keep it shiny. Tip #1: Blast your hair with cold water Although we can't think of anything worse than turning your shower faucet from hot to cold in the morning, you don't have to turn it to freezing cold. Just turn it to cold for a moment, and turn head upside down and rinse out the conditioner with cold water. This seals the cuticle and does less damage to the hair compared to hot water. You do so much heat styling and blow drying - a shot of cold water on the hair will close the cuticle and prevent damage. Tip #2: Wash with an oil-based shampoo Washing with an oil-based shampoo will get rid of all the build-up from the styling products you use throughout the day, the week and the month. An oil-based shampoo will get rid of the build-up without stripping the hair or wearing it down. If your hair is already dry or damaged, this will help restore shine. Tip #3: Try Argan oil Argan oil is great for smoothing the hair without making it look oily. Just make sure to only use about a dime size when applying - a little goes a long way, and using too much of the oil will weigh down your locks. Tip #4: Ask your stylist for a gloss color Stylists sometimes add gloss to hair dye to give it more shine and to liven up dull tresses. It adds luster without adding any pigment to your locks, giving it that healthy glow. Tip #5: Look to your brush The right brush can do a lot for your tresses. Make sure to get a rounded brush with natural bristles - this will evenly distribute the natural oils in your hair when, say, doing a blow-out with the blowdryer. Tip #6: Skip a shampoo - or two Try not to wash with shampoo every single day. This can sometimes strip hair of the natural oils it needs, making it look dry and dull. Skipping a shampoo, and just conditioning your ends between shampoo days will help avoid the issue. Tip #7: Reduce your blowdrying time Airdry as long as possible before running to the blowdryer. This will mean less damage to your tresses because you won't be pointing direct heat on the hair for a long period of time. When you do finally run to the blowdryer, try to avoid max heat.
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