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How To Get Thicker Hair

by:VOJO     2020-06-06
If you are one of the many people who suffer from hair that is thin or thinning, you are probably looking for ways to get thicker hair. Fortunately, you are in luck. There are definitely ways that you can improve the look and health of your hair. When it comes to hair growth, people often overlook nutrients. One such nutrient that is often overlooked is biotin. It belongs to the B family group of vitamins. One of the most important tips for thicker hair is to take advantage of biotin. It actually has the ability to increase the diameter of your individual strands. The benefits do not stop there. Biotin can actually increase your growth rate as well. Typically, hair grows at a rate of half an inch every 30 days or so. Biotin increases that rate to around an inch or more. Although biotin can be found in foods that you eat every day, it is best to supplement the nutrient to make sure that you are getting adequate amounts to help your hair. People looking for ways to get thicker hair will often use products with amino acids to help. Amino acids can work both externally and internally. If you are serious about thicker hair, use a shampoo and conditioner fortified with amino acids. You can also use a volumizing product on your roots while styling. You will also want to make sure you are getting enough amino acids through your diet. Try to eat more lean protein such as chicken and fish. As with biotin, it is best to supplement amino acids to ensure absorbtion. There are some more tips that you should follow. Be sure to stimulate your scalp. Simply massaging your scalp for a duration of forty five seconds before you shampoo can help. Avoid shampoos that contain sulfates. Use a conditioner often. Have keratin treatments done every two months. Do not brush too harshly. Finally, avoid heat damage by using ionic dryers. You can also use ceramic irons to help minimize heat damage. By following the aforementioned tips, you will be on your way to thick, fuller hair.
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