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How to Increase Hair Growth Rate after a Hair Transplant

by:VOJO     2020-05-31
In the usual hair transplant practice the newly grafted hair may take up to 5 months to grow to such an extent that they compete with the natural hair in looks. Although this time may vary from person to person depending on the extent of care of newly grafted hair. Acting along the guidelines of your transplant surgeon may help the patient to reduce the recovery time greatly. Some of the basic techniques and tips to increase the primary hair growth after hair transplant are as follows: the operated upon scalp should be treated with great care. The methods should be gentle. Prescribed medications from the hair transplant surgeon are very important and play a crucial role in the process of hair growth so they should be taken according to schedule. When applying these medications one thing to be kept in mind is to put minimal pressure on the scalp especially on the area where new grafts are planted because a slight pressure can cause disturbance in the newly grafted follicles. Transplanted hair are not to be washed or rinsed until or unless advised by the surgeon after proper medical examination. Once the permission is granted then the hair should be washed with a mild shampoo, scalp should not be rubbed rather it should only be massaged with the tips of fingers. The shampoo then can be rinsed by using gentle flow of water and direct flow of fast running water should be avoided. In the recovery days it is better to keep your fingers away from the head as the head may itch around the newly transplanted hair but it is normal and the scalp shall not be scrapped at any time. Immediately after the transplant physical activities must be stopped for almost two weeks. This can help the grafted hair acclimatize quickly and will prevent them from dropping off. A healthy balanced diet should be consumed containing the essential nutrients. Allergic foods and additives added food should be avoided at all cost. Once the doctor allows you to massage the transplanted area then you can do it by putting some oil drops in your palm and massage gently the area with just the finger tips.
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