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How To Prevent Hair Loss And Dandruff

by:VOJO     2020-06-05
Right from ancient days, hair is considered to be a biggest asset of a woman. Having a thick healthy hair increases the beauty of a woman. But most of the women are now leading a hectic lifestyle and so the men as well as women are suffering from the problems of hair loss, dandruff problems and also with the premature graying of hair. Most of the people suffer from the problem of itchy scalp and they avoid wearing black due to the presence of dandruff. Initially it seems that the Dandruff and its related conditions are very easy to prevent with the help of modern day shampoos and any other things but in actual, it is very difficult to overcome from the problem. According to some people, dandruff occurs due to lack of cleanliness but it is not the truth. There are some simple techniques to stop Dandruff. They are 1. Application of Aloe Vera as well as Tea Shrub Oil: Before going to sleep, you should apply these oils to your scalp. You just have to mix half of the tea shrub oil with the Aloe vera and then massage it into your scalp and hair thoroughly. But it is advisable to use this treatment only once in a month. 2. Maintain perfect eating habits: It plays a vital role in order to remove your dandruff away. For this you have to take all the necessary bodies required by our body. Sometimes due to low immune system, you may suffer from dandruff only for the time period. You should include lots of vegetables and fruits in your daily servings as it will help you in keeping your immune system strong and also free from various types of infections. 3. Make use of anti-dandruff Shampoo: You should make use of anti dandruff shampoos in order to get free from dandruff. You can make use of 'Head and shoulders' and Selsum Blue for treating the problem of dandruff. It is a nice treatment which helps you to cure your problem of dandruff. 4. You can also apply a paste of beet root and heena on your scalp and also on hair. It is an effective treatment to remove dandruff. 5. Prepare a mixture by mixing castor oil and almond oil and keep this mixture in a bottle. Whenever there is a requirement of hair massage, warm it and then easily use it for the purpose of massage. It will also prevent hair loss.
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