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How to reduce the hair loss

How to reduce the hair loss


Pay attention to your daily shampoo routine

Easy to oil scalp men had better wash hair every day, and wash process cannot too hasty, you need to follow the correct shampoo process: first of all should be thoroughly wet the hair with warm water, then shampoo squeeze appropriate amount to palm, rub with rich foam and then put on the hair, avoid directly to the scalp, so easy to remain on the scalp, shampoo is not easy to rinse.Then by means of finger belly massage, the foam can easily remove the dirt on the hair and hair follicle, making the hair more refreshing and hair follicle more smooth, massage the scalp can promote the scalp blood circulation, maintain the normal metabolism.Generally speaking, wash hair with 2~3 times a week, water temperature 40℃ is advisable.Can choose to suit oneself appropriately to have prevent to take off, firm the shampoo fluid that sends a function or neuter reach weak acid to shampoo agent, after washing, had better choose nature to air dry, dye hair and perm had better can avoid namely avoid.

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