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How To Stop Hair Loss - Some Natural Tips

by:VOJO     2020-06-05
Hair loss in women is not an unusual condition. It is approximated that around 30% of women all over the world is experiencing hair loss or hair loss indications. The number of women experiencing hair loss grows larger every year. The most common type of hair loss seen in females is androgenetic alopecia, or female pattern alopecia. The term Alopecia usually refers to full or partial balding or hair loss. Most times with women, they will notice a gradual thinning of their hair which becomes of a concern, especially when certain patches can become noticeably thin. With the prevalence of hair loss incidence in women, a lot of people from this gender think that hair loss can be devastating as losing their virginity. Seventy-five percent of hair loss cases are due to hereditary factors, but there are other causes, such as malnutrition, traumatic stress, hormone imbalances, autoimmune and thyroid disorders, post-pregnancy changes or chemotherapy. Hair loss may respond to simple changes in health habits. These include eating a balanced diet, getting enough rest, and managing stress. 1. Select a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type. When you are buying a shampoo make sure that you choose the product that will nourish your scalp and not the one that can cause irritation and clog your follicles by leaving sediments on your scalp. 2. It is common knowledge that too much sodium or salt is not good for us, But even if we are salt savvy and do what's best by avoiding salt. Our bodies can still produce too much sodium due to too much stress, which will naturally increase sodium retention. What to advise! If you have a client suffering with hair loss, it might be a good idea to mention the above and advise the following: Drink Bottled Water Avoid foods high in copper, such as milk, chocolate, oysters, nuts, high fat meats and salmon. 3. Scalp Massage. Get yourself a good, stimulating scalp massage oil. This is a better way to prevent hair loss because it can stimulate your scalp. You can massage your scalp with any natural massage oil at least five to seven minutes. This process can help accelerate the flow in the scalp by eliminating the dead skin and sediments obstructing the development of healthy hair and the good condition of the follicles. 4. If a stressful lifestyle is on the agenda, then relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation will help to reduce sodium levels. Other causes of excessive hair loss. This is one of the best hair loss treatment. 5. What you eat is reflected in the health of your hair. Your hair as well as your body needs a balanced, nutritious diet to stay healthy. Making a conscious decision to eat an abundance of fruits and vegetables that are loaded with vitamins and anti oxidants is essential. Whist, whole grains, nuts and seeds will provide minerals and vitamins. A lean protein will add sufficient iron to the diet and a fortified cereal breakfast will complete the nutritional pyramid. Of course drinking plenty of purified water will give your hair maximum hydration. 6. Also avoid processing. This means coloring, straightening, perming, highlighting, blowing dry excessively, straight ironing, curling irons and any other high heat or harsh chemical methods of styling the hair.
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