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How Using A Hair Color Remover Can Help Avoid A Disaster

by:VOJO     2020-06-03
Women, and nowadays quite a few men as well, have a variety of reasons why they decide to color their hair. These can range from just wanting a new look to trying to slow down the aging process by covering up any grey roots or other patches of grey that may be popping up more and more frequently. Coloring your hair at home does have a higher potential for encountering problems as you don't have the benefit of discussing with a professional what color and tone you would like to achieve and if it is possible to do this. Anyone who has ever used a home hair coloring kit has probably had at least one experience of ending up with a color that they hate and this is where a hair color remover can help. Assuming that the home hair color was applied less than three days ago there are a few different tips and techniques you can try that may help either totally remove or at least tone down the unwanted color before it permeates the hair strand completely. By washing the hair in the hottest water you can tolerate and then blow drying it immediately afterwards it can help to stop the hair dye from being absorbed into the hair shaft. This should be followed up with a vigorous wash of the hair with a color or product stripping shampoo to remove the residue. The final color can be toned down further by using a good quality hair gel. Another method for stripping the hair color molecules from the har is to undergo a hot oil treatment as soon as possible. If your finances are tight you can use virgin olive oil as can work just as well as expensive treatments. There are quite a few commercial hair dye removers on the market today that will reverse the effects of a bad color job and these can be found in the same area of the drugstore or supermarket that you find the do it yourself home hair coloring kits. The Developlus Color Oops Extra Strength Hair Color Remover, for example works by shrinking the hair dye molecules so that they can be easily washed away. These products are easy to apply and fast acting (they only take 20 minutes) and can be used on fair hair that has become too dark or dark hair that has been lightened but now has horrible undertones. If you do not want to apply anything else to your hair because you are scared it may make the situation even worse then you should visit your hairdresser for advice and suggestions on how to rectify the situation. If however the disasterous color has been done by your hairdresser then they have an obligation to do everything possible to fix it at no extra cost to you. The possibility of getting a bad result when dying your hair is something that should be acknowledged however with the advent of hair color removers it is now less likely than ever before.
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