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Shopping For Hair Products

by:VOJO     2020-05-09
As I was writing out my shopping list last week, well re-writing it really since I have a notebook in the kitchen on which I jot down what is required, I noticed as that my children had made even more additions than usual, and this made me realise that they were truly growing up and their requests reflected this. Growing up, I remember how my mother always used to purchase a large industrial sized bottle of shampoo and this was used to wash the whole family's hair. Going even further back I still remember having my hair washed with the same soap we used to clean our bodies with, as shampoos were a luxury to which we had not been introduced lately, and were only just arriving on the market. The first shampoos always smelled clinical and lemony, but these soon gave way to flowery fragrances, which only lasted as long as the bubbles in the lather did. These days there are so many hair care products on the market that consumers are spoilt for choice and do not always know which product, range or brand is best for them. The media and advertising have left people confused and also scared that if they do not use a certain product, they will be ostracised by their peers. Manufacturers of hair care products offer so many promises that the thinking person should really be a little wary, but in most cases we are so worried about our image that we succumb to the advertising and buy anything that sounds as though it will increase our hair growth, and as for products which claim to offer a hair fall solution or hair loss treatment, they seem to fly off the shelves. My children, among all the other items listed, have between them, written down six different types of hair products, including shampoos, conditioners, hair oil, spritz, serum and mousse! I wouldn't mind so much but the youngest is only six and wants her own shampoo and conditioner-all thanks to the power of advertising. The funny thing is that they write these things since their friends use them (or more likely because they see them on TV), but they know very well that I will buy whatever I think is suitable for their hair, just as my mother did, since I refuse to allow a twelve year old to decide my shopping list. However I do believe in buying good quality shampoos and conditioners to ensure that our hair is clean and smells nice, and yes the little one does get a Disney set for her hair! You need to try out different ranges to see which suits your hair type, and your pocket, as I have found that the expensive stuff does the same job as many products in the middle range bracket, although I would not recommend using the cheapest products as this can often be a false economy, leading to problems and also using more product. Naturally it really deserve this much attention. But our much busy and polluted air it is becoming much tough for us to sustain our hairs as long as we want and as much healthy with growing.
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