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superb anti hair loss shampoo hair anti-off for salon

superb anti hair loss shampoo hair anti-off for salon
VOJO herbal shampoo for hair fall is well developed using modern machinery and production technology.
Anti hair loss shampoo
L/C, T/T, Western Union
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Ginseng anti hair loss shampoo

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Application Scope
VOJO's Anti Hair Loss Shampoo is widely applicable in the Manufacturing Personal Care Products industry.VOJO is dedicated to solving your problems and providing you with one-stop and comprehensive solutions.
Company Advantages
1. VOJO herbal shampoo for hair fall is well developed using modern machinery and production technology.
2. The stringent norms of quality and cutting-edge technologies ensure the quality of this product.
3. The effective management and inspection of production process enable anti hair loss shampoo produce with high quality.
4. Carrying out strict quality assurance is beneficial to the popularity of anti hair loss shampoo .

Company Features
1. UK VOJO GROUP LTD has a group of anti hair loss shampoo professional and technical personnel to ensure product quality.
2. The strict procedure of anti hair fall shampoo thoroughly enhances the herbal shampoo for hair fall .
3. VOJO always regards high quality as the most important factor for an enterprise's success. Check now! The service quality has been always highly stressed by VOJO. Check now!



In Chinese medicine , the extract of Ginger can cute hair loss problem , due to the  ginger oil and other ingredients can normalize blood circulation in the head skin, promote scalp metabolism and activate hair follicle tissue, so regular use Ginger shampoo can effective reduce hair loss problems and regrowing your undies hair root .



1.Wet your hair thoroughly before using shampoo: better wash away dirt and avoid scalp damage.

2.Shampoo on besmear head hair after knead in the palm of the hand: reduce the burden of the hair, prevent alkalescent material to remain.

3.Shampoo the shortest time can not be less than 3~5 minutes: especially the back of the head near easy accumulation of grease, compared to other parts of the time to wash

4.Don't just wash your hair, pay attention to your scalp: the accumulation of sebum in the scalp is easy to cause bacteria dandruff, also easy to lose hair.

5.For better result , we suggest you use our hair lotion together after you use our shampoo.


Quick Details

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Certification:Certification: SGS CMPC MSDS
Model Number:Anti hair loss shampoo
Certificates:MSDS/ FDA/ ISO/TUV/ COA /AZO ect
Quality:europe standard:
Packing:Packing:carton packing
Acceptable customized labelYES
Lead time:express 5days around, sea 30days around,

Magic !!! hair regrowth


1.Wash your hair with our shampoo , and make it dry

2.After the hair is dry, apply adequate amount of scalp nutrient solution evenly on the hair loss

3.Massage your scalp gently with your fingers and knead gently for 3-5 minutes until completely absorbed

We are original factory to produce the black hair shampoo (we can offer you best price and original one in China)



Do you realize the seriousness of hair loss?

Hair loss makes men not confident.
When the hair problem becomes more and more serious, the baldness is worse, the work is not confident, the handsome guy becomes uncle, the marriage is no one wants, and maybe about to
become abbot .


Hair loss makes women no one love
Like beautiful, hot dyeing, hair damage, hair loss is serious, hair turns into straw, every day at home, no one has pursued, was forced into a nun too


Excessive hair oil, clogged pores cause hair to fall off!


Not losing hair?Reduce grease is the key

Hair oil is too much, and the hair is a little greasy. Excessive fat in the hair overflows, causing the scalp to be greasy and damp, plus dust and dander, especially when the temperature is high. The bacterial infection causes the hair follicle to block hair loss.


 1.Excessive secretion of oil in the hair.

2.Hair is greasy and wet, hair follicles are clogged.

3.Bacterial infection.

4.Hair follicle necrosis, hair loss.

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