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The Hair Loss Woes Of Celebrities

by:VOJO     2020-07-28
If you are a celebrity and are quite popular, you don't want to be caught dead on TV - or by paparazzi for that matter - with a thinning hair. Your fans would notice. People would be turned off. And they all would suddenly realize that you are getting old. That is definitely not the image that you want to project.
It is hard enough for a normal person to be in a battle with hair loss. It is doubly hard with celebrities. Suddenly, they don't fit in the leading man role that they use to take because they are not as good-looking as before. So what happens now with their career?
Right now, the most celebrated hair loss issue in the glamorous world of show business, sports, and modeling is that of Quarterback Tom Brady. His recent pictures show him with a rather thinning hairline. Then he surfaced wearing Justin Bieber's hair, a hairstyle Bieber said he owns. Surely, Tom couldn't have grown his otherwise thinning hair that long so fast with the use of just the best hair loss shampoo in the market. Story has it that he went through a secret hair transplant procedure.
The next most notable celebrity with a receding hairline is no other than Prince William himself. Even if he is only in his 20's, he already deserves England's crown. But what he can do without is a thinning one. Judging from his old and recent pictures, he would lose more of his hair if he fails to do anything about it. Such hair could be history even before he gets married.
Superstar Brandon Fraser is not spared from the same dilemma either. He is the perfect example of a leading man gone bad. How else can he assume all those hunky roles if he's not as dreamy as he was? His hair loss is so noticeable that he may not have another love story movie anytime soon.
This is exactly the case with Nicholas Cage. His hair has long thinned out, basing on how he looked in his old films. Good thing he is more of an action and drama actor. Otherwise, he would soon be out of job. Many younger actors have a fuller hair than he does.
George Clooney is another celebrity whose name is on the hair loss list too. Slowly, he is losing that handsome face because of his receding hairline. Can somebody tell him to try the best hair growth shampoo in the market before all his hair disappears?
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