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The New Generation Of Hair Transplant Procedure

by:VOJO     2020-07-24
When there's a constant study looking for the best solution for hair loss, new and better systems are put into place. Just recently, it was observed from a certain research that hair follicles can be grown from stem cells - a procedure that has never been tried before. The study is focused on animal hair as of the moment, but the next step is always to duplicate that successful feat with human hair.
This study in Berlin was able to use the master cells of the body to reproduce hair. When such a procedure becomes fully successful, then hair transplant would inevitably be twice as effective. And on a larger scale, this research may give way to a medical breakthrough. Master cells, when successfully grown inside the laboratory, can now become tissues or even organs that can be readily transplanted to recipients.
When this particular type of hair transplant procedure becomes successful, then it can be used on as many as 80% of all people suffering from hair loss in the world over. It is projected that hair follicles grown from master cells may be available for transplant in five years. Furthermore, when such a procedure becomes possible, all hair and scalp products hereon would readily be tested on human hair and not on animals as it is done today.
This means that the newest and the best hair growth shampoo available in the market will have been tested successful on human. Therefore, they are sure to be effective. The trial and error phase of consumers would then be eliminated. When a product is advertised as the best hair loss shampoo, then you can be sure that it would work for you. Thanks to this particular study.
When you think about it, this newer and better way to hair transplant can undoubtedly cure all of the hair loss woes of men and women, regardless of age. Sooner or later, baldness would become a thing of the past. With the success of this study, every hair loss product available on the market is guaranteed to be effective. You will be able to grow your hair easily and conveniently, all well within your budget too.
You can choose to use the best hair growth shampoo if you don't want to spend much and you are sure to have a full lock of hair after regular use. Or you can opt to set up a consultation with a doctor so he can perform an advanced hair transplant procedure on you and you can have the best hair almost instantly and permanently.
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