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Things To Consider When Choosing A Home Hair Color

by:VOJO     2020-05-03
There is no one more busy these days n a day, it is usually mom who puts her own needs and wants on hold. This is especially true for all the little extras that ladies love such as trips to the hair salon or manicurist. You only have to look on the supermarket shelves at all the home coloring kits available to see that do it yourself coloring is a very popular choice for women. Another driving factor that will determine if a woman opts to color her hair at home is their financial situation. Regular visits to the hair salon for coloring and, depending on your age, the subsequent root touch ups that go along with this can be an expensive business and a similar result can nowadays be achieved at home at a fraction of the cost. However, the risk of error is higher when you apply a color at home as most women are not trained hairdressers and therefore may not be experienced in the proper techniques needed to produce a great effect. The following tips may help you to avoid any unnecessary errors: Firstly, if you are thinking of a total change in color then it is probably best to go to a salon as the risk of having a disastrous experience is much higher if you do it at home. This is because a professional colorist can discuss with you what colors best suit your skin tone and if the look you are after can actually be achieved with your hair type. Since even semi-permanent colors last for up to six weeks it is safer to use a home kit mainly as a way to cover any grey hairs(using a tone very similar to your current one) or to create subtle color changes and/or highlights with one of the many tone and highlight kit options that are now widely available in stores.This way you will not be stuck with a color that you hate for weeks and weeks. As mentioned above, skin tone is an important factor in achieving a great look so although you may love the color shown on the box, if it does not suit your skin you may end up looking pale, washed out or very sallow. A rule of thumb is that if your skin has yellow or olive undertones then opt for warm or golden browns, caramels and bronze type colors whereas cool browns and blondes tend to suit fair skinned women with more pink undertones in their skin. Investing in a good qulaity shampoo and conditioner that has been especially formulated for colored hair is something that you should do regardless of whether your hair has been colored in a salon or at home. If you have accidentally left the color on your hair for too long a way to rectify this is to mix up a solution of the same color with shampoo, using equal quantities of both, and reapplying this to the hair. Apparently this will help to reduce the color strength although I cannot say for sure as I have not personally tried this. There are also natural coloring alternatives like henna available if you are allergic to the harsh chemicals that many products contain. Also, be mindful that blonde shades generally contain some peroxide and/or ammonia which can damage the hair long term. Overall, a great result CAN be achieved using a home color kit if you follow a few simple rules.
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