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Tips for Your Beauty Hair

by:VOJO     2020-05-02
A major concern for almost every women, is always with her curly hair and fashion, flat, cast the first stone of the woman who never through moments of uncertainty or dissatisfaction with the way hair. Curls own beautiful and envied, and accept more hairstyles than any other hair type. But they are probably the most difficult to treat, they tend to become dry, they can perfectly one day and awful the next, if not maintained, they are rather heavy and bulky and require special attention by the owner. Wavy hair is also very nice, it requires much less work. Must always be well hydrated to are not bulky or too dry and not smooth or curly hair formless. Straight usually are easier to treat, are always ready to interfere much less with the other two are the same from one day and others not so much need moisture. The disadvantage is that they are something, hairstyles limited because, as the bar, it is difficult to make. As for hairstyles, if you do not have the time or money to keep going to the salon, there are some options that are simple, elegant, you should not go out of fashion and exit right. Just look: The high ponytail is never out of fashion and can be used in any situation, so it is flat at the roots, apply a leave-in or gel before and take the son with a comb or a brush. Finally, you can do curls or leave them just like well. little party dress Braid Hair: Braids are so easy to do, all day and flawless looks good, they do not make it look like a Christmas tree and are very elegant. Valley side mesh embedded in simple elegance, high ... Finally, it is necessary to dye your hair, gray or hide the change is the appearance, but often we think that the dye is only cool if we leave the room, then fade, dry out and lose luster. Check out these hair tips. Red: the red is in vogue, is beautiful, irreverent, sexy and relaxed. Except lose that in a short time their color, are dull and ugly. The solution to this problem is to use light bulbs to fix the color, not very often and never wash the anti-residue shampoo, they are really dye. Still of red hair, dyed, they lose the protein and vitamins which are very important for healthy hair, the way an abuse of the liquid supply or treatment, even burns that restructures and recovers very well wires. Blond hair: The blonde is beautiful, sexy and sweet at the same time. But if the tone was artificially by stains, dries the son, such as dehydration, boring, embarrassing and laziness raised. Another problem is that the tone, if not treated properly in contact with chlorine (in the shower) hair green! To protect yourself, use products designed specifically for blonde hair, and when you swim, wash leaves no excess chlorine remain in hair. Other colors: red and blond shades are the most problematic for the addition, it is important to always maintain hydration, often touching the roots and the ends are not brittle and older.
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