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Trichology: The Science Of Hair Care

by:VOJO     2020-08-03
There is a field of medicine that is dedicated to the study of hair and scalp. Such a study is called trichology and many doctors are deemed experts in this area right now. They are the practitioners who know the most about hair and scalp care. They are the specialists whom you have to look for when you want a solution to your hair loss problem.
Aside from their comprehensive knowledge about combating hair fall and balding, a trichologist can also be employed as a member of a forensic team investigating murders and the likes. When a hair strand is found in the crime scene, a trichologist can study the specimen and determine its owner's approximate age, race, and body mass, including his or her other notable traits.
The history of trichology started when a professor named Wheeler became extremely interested in the different cases of hair loss in 1860. His interest paved the way to learning more about hair disorders and inevitably, to finding a cure for them. This is also how the Institute of Trichologists was established.
Such an institution is in operation for over 100 years now and its members span the whole world. The specialists who were duly registered with this governing body have letters after their name like MIT, AIT, or FIT. The best doctors in hair loss are usually affiliated with this group.
There are other newer tricologist societies formed and they further back up the practice of a hair expert. So if you're looking for a hair doctor to help you reverse the effect of balding, just be sure that you find a real tricologist in your area to help you with your condition. Some of these experts also create their own hair loss shampoo to help patients at home. The hair growth shampoo they formulate may be available internationally or only from their clinic.
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