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Trichotillomania: A Self-Induced Hair Loss Issue

by:VOJO     2020-08-01
Trichotillomania is a very interesting hair loss condition. If half of the people are looking for a solution to hair loss, the other half is actually subjecting their selves to the condition. And this is what trichotillomania is all about. Sufferers can't help themselves pulling their own hair until they go bald.
Experts say that it is a psychological issue. The condition is triggered by many things like depression, anxiety, and pressure. The patient doesn't have enough will to keep himself from tearing his tresses. This is why this condition is considered as a behavioral concern.
Psychiatric counseling is usually the first line of treatment for this disease. Patients are subjected to a series of behavioral therapy that would help them resist the need to pull their hair away. The therapy would start with finding the real cause of the problem. If the pulling of the mane is done unconsciously, then behavior experts would look for methods to keep the hands of the patients preoccupied so it won't find its way to the hair.
This condition almost always leads to total or partial baldness. As such, patients would eventually try to regain the hair that they've lost. But before that concern is addressed, there has to be a definite solution that could stop them from pulling their tresses away.
After a series of psychological sessions, the patient usually gets a lot better. Slowly they would be able to handle their tendency to self-inflict hair and scalp damage. Only during such time hair doctors can start addressing the balding that has commenced. If the hair follicles are not that damaged, the hair would eventually grow back in time. And to speed up the process, the use of a hair growth shampoo is sufficient. Patients undergoing this condition can always use a hair loss shampoo while in therapy to counter its effect, with the consent of the doctor of course.
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