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Using An Athome Mole Remover

by:VOJO     2020-04-30
People who are born with moles, or develop them later in life, sometimes want to get rid of them. People who don't like the way they look, or who find them annoying often seek out various types of mole remover cream and alternatives. Moles are natural, benign growths that many people are born with. Some moles develop later in life and they can be triggered by sun exposure. Moles are benign, but it is possible to confuse them with certain types of skin cancer. In order to keep this possibility on top, most doctors recommend you get any moles that change shape, size, or color checked out by a dermatologist. Some moles are raised bumps, some are completely flat and others stick out a lot. For the at-home removal of the types that stick out, most people swear by dental floss. The floss is tied tightly around the mole and after a few days, it dries up and falls off. If this practice is going to be used, it is very important that everything be clean. Some swelling is normal before drying and falling off. Most other methods of removal are topical. These are usually skin irritants that cause a scab to form. When the scab falls off, the mole goes with it. Many doctors are not in favor of this method of removing moles, because it usually requires scratching or cutting the skin, which can cause infection if not done carefully. Using a skin irritant method can also leave pits or scars when the scab falls off. In some cases, these can be permanent. However, medical processes used to remove moles also have these issues, so they are usually not a sufficient reason to avoid the process. However, everyone should consider whether they would rather have the moles or potential scars, before they seek any kind of treatment. Commercial skin irritant creams that remove moles, as well as skin tags and warts, are widely available. Many people find them successful, but a few find they do not work. Re-growth is common because moles are often embedded deeper in the skin than they appear, but again, this is a problem found with both traditional medical and at-home treatment methods. It isn't necessary to purchase a specialized cream however. Many people find success with other types of skin irritants when used in the same manner, applied to scratched skin over the surface of the moles. The most commonly used substances are apple cider vinegar and garlic, although unique options such as dandruff shampoo are also sometimes suggested. Any time that a mole remover requires the skin be scratched or broken, care must be taken to let infection take hold. Using clean, sterile equipment is thus essential. This can be accomplished by sticking a needle in a flame for a moment and cleaning the skin with alcohol. However, not even taking precautions will prevent every possible infection, so keep an eye on the area for redness, swelling, pus and other negative signs.
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