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What about the lead time of black dye shampoo from placing a order to delivery?
This depends on the order quantity of dye shampoo and the production plan of UK VOJO GROUP LTD. The promise is that the order will be processed as quickly as we can. Orders are processed in order. When demand is strong, the production line will run at full capacity. We can control every production process very well. It will take a while.

As a front-runner in the industry of anti hair loss shampoo, the future of VOJO is promising. VOJO's anti hair fall shampoo series are created based on unremitting efforts. The materials used to make VOJO hair colour shampoo are toxic free and safe for users and the environment. They are tested for low emission (low VOCs). It will boost collagen growth, helping strengthen and restore vitality with every use. The establishment of customer service is conducive to the development of our company. It causes no burden or damage to the hair.

We are determined to become the leader in the industry and we have strong confidence to accomplish this goal. We will rely on technological innovation and cultivation of the R&D team to optimize our products and strengthen our manufacturing capabilities.
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