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What are main products to VOJO?
Natural herbal hair coloring shampoo is the star product of UK VOJO GROUP LTD. With years of professional production experience, we make the product perfect which is characterized by stable performance and long service life. All products we produce are rigorously tested before shipment to ensure the highest quality.

VOJO has become one of the largest companies with the most diverse and comprehensive lines of business, and R&D capabilities in China’s anti hair loss shampoo industry. VOJO's anti hair loss shampoo series are created based on unremitting efforts. It has been tested by the harsh international first-class inspection standards. Its ingredients help strengthen weak hair, restoring its vitality with consistent use. Focusing on solving problems about hair colour shampoo is what VOJO has been doing. It can be formulated to be liquids, gels, lotions, pastes, creams, or even dry-powder aerosols.

We actively promote the progress of projects in the field of environmental protection. We recycle and reuse most of the wastes and utilize the rest of the waste to generate energy, aiming to develop a cyclic economy.
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