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When Is Hair Loss Worse Than Breast Cancer?

by:VOJO     2020-07-31
Women diagnosed with breast cancer can only muster all the strength she has inside to battle her disease. But along with that, she is also wishing with all her might for her hair stay intact during the entire length of the treatment therapy. However, this is like wishing for the stars. A fight with breast cancer will almost always leave you with massive hair fall.
There are solutions everywhere but not a lot of patients know about it. The solutions when available, however, are usually inaccessible to patients of certain locality. This is when the fight against cancer always seems to be a losing battle. Whichever the result is, the woman would have to lose something vital and there's no way around it.
Hair fall associated with cancer are usually addressed with the use of wigs. Unlike most other causes of hair loss wherein the best hair growth shampoo is sufficient, cancer-related hair loss is very much different. Patients are not free to find a solution for their falling hair right away because anything that they use could interfere with the treatment procedures that they are subjected under.
It would be really nice if they can simply use best hair loss shampoo in the market after every chemotherapy session. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way. These women, after being undergoing an hour or so of radiation therapy, would come home frustrated to see that their scalp is more exposed than ever. That's when the reality of balding sets in and when the entire treatment procedure becomes twice as difficult.
The use of wig can help these patients greatly. Wigs, especially the hand woven ones, are going to be the perfect solution to a cancer victim's hair loss issues. Hand woven ones look more natural. They can also be adjusted accordingly as more hair falls from the patient's head. In certain cities, such wigs are given away for free. This is especially true if there are donors and sponsors everywhere who can sustain the drive.
If you have cancer and you are suffering hair loss, look for a wig that would suit you best. Then just be strong and brave. You can last through the ordeal with a strong heart. After all, there's still a chance that you will recover all the hair that you've lost. Just make sure that you come out victorious from your personal battle with cancer. There are many hair loss solutions these days that can help you recover.
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